Board of Advisors  
National 4-H Congress is governed by a Board of Advisors who over sees the management and direction of the event. Working cooperatively with National 4-H Headquarters, USDA, National 4-H Council, and the State 4-H Programs the board of directors strives to ensure the event provides the educational experiences and opportunities for a national level leadership event.

Doug Crouse, Program Chairman
State Program Leader for 4-H
University of Delaware
Board Term: 2021 Program Chair

Nancy Deringer
State Program Leader, 4-H Youth Development
Washington State University
Board Term: 2020-2022 (Western Region)

Manola Erby
Youth Specialist
Alcorn State University
Board Term: 2012-2021 (1890)

Dondieneita Fleary-Simmons
Wisconsin 4-H Outreach Program Manager
Pyle Center
Board Term: 2021 – 2023 (No.Central Region)

Dr. Gregg Hadley
Director for Extension, K-State Research and Extension
Board Term: 2019-2021 (2nd Extension Director)

Dr. Laura Perry Johnson, Board Chair
Associate Dean for Extension
University of Georgia
Board Term: 2016-2022 (Host State Director)

Toby Lepley
Associate Vice-President, 4-H 4-H Program Leader
LSU Ag Center
Board Term: 2020-2022 (Southern Region)

Rachel Lyons
State 4-H Program Leader & Department Chair
Department of 4-H Youth Development
Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Board Term: 20018-2020 (NE Region)

Jennifer McIver
Vice President, Field Marketing and Partnerships
National 4-H Council
Term: Ex-Officio Council Representative

Executive Director
Dr. Susan Stewart
S. Stewart and Associates, Inc.


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