Gillermo Estrada

I am Guillermo Estrada, representing the home of the Wolfpack, North Carolina. Currently, I am a junior in high school and do dual enrollment with my local community college. Throughout my 13 years in 4-H, I have participated in project areas in civic engagement, electric, and leadership which have helped me find my passion for politics. I have the pleasure of serving my state as the 2021-2022 North Carolina 4-H State Council President and hope to continue to give back to 4-H as part of the Design Team.

Five Things I love about being a 4-H member:
• Lifelong Friendships
• The opportunities to travel
• Serving others
• Doing 4-H presentations!
• The opportunity to learn the importance of Agriculture.

Quote about National 4-H Congress
Being part of National 4-H Congress helped expand my view of the importance of 4-H and the need to continue to improve the organization to encourage youth around the country to do the same. I loved being able to meet my state officer counterparts from different states and listen to incredible speakers from the Farm Bureau and USDA.

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