These are the awesome educational tours available for delegates to participate in on Monday afternoon of the 2022 National 4-H Congress. Contact your state coordinator to see how to sign up!

Hairy Apes!      
     The motor coach today will take you on a trip you won’t forget – to the wilds of Africa, the tropics of South America, the plains of Australia, the mountains of Asia and the forests of Europe!

This trip will show you the stars of Zoo Atlanta: Ivan and Kudzoo the Gorillas, Starlet O’Hara the Elephant, Roma and Rosie the African Rhinos and Allen the Sumatran Orangutan.

You’ll also have a chance to see the Giant Pandas! Watch a demonstration of one of Starlet O’Hara’s baths, footwork or an exhibition of her natural agility and skills, or watch the zookeeper coax Allen out of the trees for a feeding.

The zoo’s collection consists of nearly 1,000 specimens, representing 250 species of animals from all over the world, living in natural environments. You will be overwhelmed by the huge variety of animals sharing Atlanta with us humans!

For a little extra challenge, take part in the Zoo’s fun scavenger hunt! Find out why flamingos are pink and how much a giraffe weighs. Make sure you get all the answers so you can impress your friends at dinner with your knowledge of wildlife!

Hall of College Football Fame      
  Your sports adventure will take you to the newest attraction to open in the ATL, The College Football Hall of Fame! Once you board the motor coach you will receive a brief tour of the Atlanta downtown area to include some of our sporting venues such as Centennial Olympic Stadium/Turner Field, home of the world Famous Atlanta Braves. Others include Philips Arena – home to NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, The Georgia Dome – home to Atlanta Falcons and the “Big Canyon”- the future dome home of the Atlanta Falcons schedule to open in 2017!!

Next on the agenda is a visit to the College Football Hall of Fame. The venue is designed to entertain and educate visitors and serve as location to celebrate the tradition of college football. It features historic and contemporary artifacts, interactive multimedia displays and a theater featuring this celebrated tradition. The building boast three stories and 94,256 square feet located in the heart of Atlanta’s sports, entertainment and tourism district. The visit will be immersive, interactive, engaging and fun!

Hotlanta‚Äôs World Class Attractions      
  See, hear and taste the magnificent story of the world’s most popular soft drink at the NEW World of Coca-Cola. It’s a truly unique experience that encompasses the rich history and progress of the refreshing beverage created in Atlanta in 1886. Everyone is welcome at the “Happiness Factory Theater” where you will get a glimpse of the magic found in Coca-Cola and the source behind the happiness found in every bottle. You may then tour the entire World of Coca-Cola facility. Visit the Pop Culture Gallery with one of a kind artwork by such luminaries as Andy Warhol and Norman Rockwell or create your very own piece of pop art!! Delight in the 4-D Theatre and see the actual Bottle Works in progress. Enjoy the ultimate tasting experience as you taste all the Coca-Cola flavors from around the globe and take a souvenir bottle home with you.

Next, you’ll see many historic and modern landmarks of downtown Atlanta. The merchandise marts, Centennial Olympic Park, convention venues, Olympic sites, historic houses of worship, impressive state and local government buildings, and Underground Atlanta are some of the points of interest your guide will show you. You’ll even tour past Turner Field, home of the world-champion Atlanta Braves and the spectacular reincarnation of the Olympic Stadium. 

Drive Sweet Auburn Avenue on the way to the Martin Luther King, Jr., Center for Nonviolent Change. From the motor coach, you will see Dr. King’s Crypt and Ebenezer Baptist Church.
Travel down world-famous Peachtree Street past the Margaret Mitchell House, affectionately called “The Dump” by its best-known resident. It was in this turn-of-the- century structure that Mitchell wrote the bestseller “Gone With The Wind.”

Georgia Aquarium      
  Georgia’s newest attraction is the Georgia Aquarium, the World’s Largest Aquarium. With 8 million gallons of fresh and marine water and more than 100,000 animals representing 500 species from around the globe, you’re sure to see things you’ve never seen before! Trixie and Alice the new female whale sharks, beluga whales, California sea lions, sea otters and African black footed penguins just to name a few. Exhibits include the Georgia Explorer, Ocean Voyager, River Scout and the 4-D Theater. The tour allows you to examine each exhibit at your own pace. 



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